Sinowal: MBR Rootkit never dies!

Hi all!
Due to the lack of spare time, I can’t update my blog many times… BUT by the way I’ve got a news: my company finally had published an article written by me in his blog. The paper is about the new Sinowal update…

It’s available here:

Let me know what you, as reader, think about it… (your opinion is important :-)) and STAY tuned: Before the holidays AaLl86 will return with a new clever tool!!!


Sinowal: the evolution of MBR Rootkit continues

New Rootkit is evolving in the wild: it’s the old MBR Rootkit now updated and full of new interesting things….
You can take a glance of analysis here:

The rootkit was very powerfull and full of interesting feature.
You can read the analysis and comment here about what do you think.