Windows Internals Part 2

Hello all!

Finding a space between work and personal life is pretty hard nowadays…

This post is just to let you all know that the bid for the special “signed” edition of the “Windows Internals – 7th Edition Part 2” book is online and has been published at the following address:

This release of the hardcover book contains the signature of myself, Alex, Mark and of more than other 20 Engineers that collaborated in the design and development of the OS features described in the book. It is a super-unique item (nothing similar exists ever).

The interesting stuff is that me and my colleagues designed the bid for the Microsoft Giving campaign, where our company will match any charity donation. The idea is that we will use the money that we collect with the bid (except the fees that Ebay wants) to donate to Charity organizations.

Due to family motivations, I would prefer that some part of the income will go to the Cancer research, but, if the bid will end up to be a decent amount of money, the winner can choose which other Charity to donate to (the options will be given later the next week).

Unfortunately the bid will last just for 10 days (as per Ebay rules), but please put an offer on it 😁😁😁.

You can’t lose an opportunity like this!


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