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I’m happy to introduce here the result of my last 2 months of work. I have indeed finished my big analysis on Windows 8 AppContainers. The 14 pages article has been completely reviewed and terminated on 5th June 2013. Due to some commercial issues, my company has published it just last week. The full article is available here: http://news.saferbytes.it/analisi/2013/07/securing-microsoft-windows-8-appcontainers/
I am even working on an application able to start whatever Win32 application under an OS Sandboxed environment. Development effort has already begun. Here is a preview:

Saferbytes AppContainer Launcher
Perspired AppContainer Launcher implementation 🙂

The results are very useful… The application under an appcontainer is strictly sandboxed and its behavior results more controlled by OS and by developer. With all these new information, are we going maybe to see some new Browser sandbox architecture??
I am working even on the new Windows Blue internal code. I would like to pinpoint changes done in new Kernel… Hope to find some new Sandbox improvements (maybe new Capabilities??). Stay tuned for results 😉



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